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Mastery in Leadership, Change Management and Strategic Thinking!

Your processes, protocols and systems are in place. Every employee knows what their responsibilities are and what they are accountable towards. But these have been set to the current business environment. What happens if the market changes or your customers change? Is your business ready to handle that change? Do the top line employees of your business have the foresight to see it coming and prepare for it? Do they understand what leadership is and the influence they can have at ensuring the success of your business at every turn?

A Sneak Peak at What Goes On during the Entrepreneur Development Program Sessions

Why the Growth Leadership Program?

The Growth Leadership Program is the answer to every question that we have posed above. But to explain it further, we have this to say in the words of our esteemed business coach Dr. Yogesh Pawar, “The success of a business that has crossed the budding challenges depends not just on you as the entrepreneur or businessman. It now falls upon the shoulders of your employees who have been with you for a long time and have contributed to its success so far. These are employees who stuck around when you were just setting your direction, vision and values. They were around when you were  still setting up the processes and protocols. And they are still there with you. They need to be ready to face any challenge that the market throws at them.

Are they ready?

If they aren’t, then the Growth Leadership Program can set them in the right direction and at the right speed!


How it works

As the frontline of the business, your top line employees need to be more than efficient. They need to be great! And greatness for them comes from.

  • Turning over a new leaf – they become leaders from being just managers or performers
  • Understanding change – they become capable of foreseeing a need for change and know just how to manage it while cascading it through the organization
  • Strategic thinking – they become capable to taking your larger vision for your business as an entrepreneur and put out strategies that can reflect in results

What will you get from this program?

Top line employees who are dedicated to achieving the vision of the organization and have the skills of change management, leadership, and strategic thinking to make it happen.

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