Adding value to professional aspects of YOUR life!

Why the Entrepreneur Development Program?


Is your answer to any of the questions below yes?

  • Do you have difficulty understanding your vision statement sometimes?
  • Do you face a challenge managing your sales team?
  • Do you find it difficult to read and understand your financial statements?

Is your answer to any of the question below not recently?

  • When was the last time you simply sat down and indulged in your hobbies worry free?
  • When was the last time you took your family out and put the phone away?

Introspection about your life and business is your need of the hour. And that is what the Entrepreneur Transformation Program gives you.


The Entrepreneur Transformation Program aims to move you as individuals and entrepreneurs beyond your current stable lifestyle to achieving a state of belonging with your loved ones and building your self-esteem by contributing to the growth of an entire community. This is done by coaching you in the 11 competencies that an entrepreneur’s needs to run a successful business and then combining it with how to build balance between your personal life and business!


Every entrepreneur is assigned a personal coach along with 5 expert coaches who help you through building your business and making time for your family!

What exactly will you learn?

Below are the modules that result in transformation!

  • Burning Desire – Value Workshop
    This program is centered on helping you build a vision for your business and life. During this two day program, you will build on your core values and derive a vision statement from it. This allows you to set your mission and goals.
  • Business Financial Management
    This program is centered on helping you build a better understanding of how to read and analyze your financial documents and make smart business decisions based on it.
  • Street Smart Sellers
    This program is centered on helping your learn the art of selling on the basis of the value that you can add to your customers business and life. It covers the art of listening and building a value based pitch based on your customer’s needs and more.
  • Team Spirit – Managing Team effectively
    This program helps you understand the basic principles of building a strong team and situational leadership.
  • Human Resource Management
    This program helps you build an understanding how the right HR strategy supported by the right practices can ensure the growth of your business by building your human capital.
  • Sales Management
    This program covers the 101 of developing a sales strategy and the different functions that you need to keep in mind to achieve your organization’s sales goals!
  • Serve The Soul
    This program covers everything that you need to know, as an entrepreneur, about what customer service is really about, along with the real time applications for your business!
  • Marketing & Branding
    This program is centered on how to turn your business into a brand with the right positioning and a marketing strategy to ensure that you make money.
  • Negotiation
    This program is centered on negotiate in business to ensure that both you and your customer walk away with a win-win situation in hand.
  • Strategic & Critical Thinking
    This program is centered on how you can build business strategies that ensure your business meets success and growth in a well paced and sustainable manner.
  • Delegation
    This program is centered on how to delegate, what to delegate and when to delegate a task to ensure that you see results that support the growth of your business.

Duration: 10 months with 13 personal coaching sessions.

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This entire program is dedicated to your holistic development as an entrepreneur and human being!