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Moving an organization from Efficiency to Effectivity

Have you got your direction, vision, mission and core values in place? You have then evolved as an entrepreneur and you have ensured growth in your business. Great going!

But what next? Are you willing to stop at just that much? Don’t you want to do more and grow more? That is where the Business Transformation Intervention Program comes into play!

Why the Business Transformation Intervention?

It is time to up your game and that involves….

  • Setting up the right processes
  • Having the systems
  • Handing out responsibilities and accountability to the employees in the organization
  • Setting up a clear career path for the current employees of the organization

Have got all these in place?

These are the very basics of what you need, to take that next giant leap towards the larger vision that you have for your business. If you don’t, this is where the Business Transformation Intervention Program can make a difference to your business!


How it works

This is an organization wide project and it requires for the business coach to not just work with entrepreneur but also with every employee involved in the business!

It requires an assessment of the following

  • Core competencies of all the employees
  • Processes in place
  • Purchase methods in place
  • Delivery methods in place
  • Process of product making
  • Process of service rendering
  • Accuracy in project delivery and quality

This is the followed by the creation of an improvised version of every single process! And that is how you as an entrepreneur move your organization from efficient to effective! This is also how you put your business into an autopilot mode where it runs effectively even in your absence.

What will you get out of this program?

By the end of the transformation, you will have

  • Employees who are accountable along with being responsible
  • KRA’s for every employee will be set and defined. They know exactly what is expected from them
  • Process, policies and career paths are in place
  • Every employee will be dedicated in a project that either contributes directly to the revenue of the company or contributes to building the people and processes who can contribute directly to the revenue of the company

This means that even when you are off on a vacation, your business is still generating REVENUE!

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