Supporting the Direction of Your Business With the Power of Smart Sales and Finance Management!

Does it feel like the balance sheet of your business account and the report from the sales team are not reflecting the same picture?

Have you ever seen that despite having managed to make great sales for a particular month, your balance sheet still doesn’t look to great? Or maybe you can see the money come in but somehow it flows out just as fast?

What you need as entrepreneur then, is better management of your sales and finance that reflect the direction that you have set to your business. That is precisely what you get from the Business Success Force Program. But before we get into the details of how the program works, let us mention who this program is ideal for. If you are an entrepreneur with a turnover of less than a crore a month, then this program has been tailored with you on mind!

Why the Business Success Force?

Any new business has three key aspects that need to be in tandem to see fast paced sustainable success. They are direction or the focus of the business, sales and finance management.

The Business Success Force as a program is geared to help you develop a better understanding of all three of these aspects along with how you can leverage it to increase your profit margins.

How does it work?

First let’s talk about direction.

There are many paths that a company can take to achieve its goals. But it has to choose one path and stick to it. Having a foot in two boats simultaneously will only lead to collapse. Defining this direction is the first attempt that the Business Success Force Program makes at helping you grow beyond the one crore mark.

Now let’s get down to sales. Are you doing it right? 

Are you actually reading your customer’s needs right and then looking at how your product can add value? Are you approaching them right? Is your pitch delivery effective? These are just three of the many questions that you need to find an answer too. Getting your sales formula right is the key to success and the Business Success Force Program will help you find just that.

Last but not the least, finance.

Sales brings in the money but are you managing the cash flow right? Are you investing in the growth of the company in the right way? Finance management is integral to ensuring that your business is not just profitable right now but also sustainable through the future.


What do you get out this program?

A clear path or direction for your business. Clarity on managing sales and finance with velocity and precision. And an integration of all three to ensure success and sustainability of your business! You not only have strategy but also the skills to execute it.

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