Helping you create your vision for a sustainable business and joyful life


Do you have a set direction or path for how your business should be and how you should live your life?


Vision and mission of an organization are the chain that pulls the company towards progress. It not only defines the aim of the organization for the short and long run but also helps in creating a work plan for the company. Values are criteria to reach your ultimate vision. This vision for your business is a result of who you are as entrepreneur and what you want from your life.

Do you have a VISION?

The Burning desire program is a guided process that helps you introspect and as a result find your Vision, Mission and values.


Every entrepreneur walks away with a set of core values that are foundation of his business and a vision statement based on which he can build the mission and goals that his business should attain! Along with this, you shall also have a set plan on how to communicate your vision and goals with your team of employees.


The Burning Desire Program aims to guide you through the process of introspection to help you identify what your vision for life and business is. This is achieved through a set of activities guided by a coach

How will this happen?

Through these set of facilitator driven modules! By the end of this module you will be able to achieve following

  • Clearing the unwanted

    To separate all their unwanted thoughts and focus on their dreams.
    Entrepreneurs will be having retirement plan in place, before the end of this module.

  • What is your North Star?

    Know how to coin a vision for your life and how to align it with your organizational vision.
    Learn the basic behaviours they will need to exhibit to make this happen.

  • Understanding Values

    Understand your value system better.
    Set your mission statement based on your value system.

  • Learning organization Vision & Mission

    Know the complete meaning of what an organizational vision stands for.
    The changes that you, as an entrepreneur, need to commit, to make it happen along with the rewards and penalties that may come with achieving or not achieving it.

  • Setting personal goals

    Learn and understand everything about the behaviour that will be associated with your success and smart goal setting.

  • Action planning

    Have an action plan to success along with your vision and mission statements.

Duration: 2 days.

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