Managing Oneself.

In today’s Jeevana – Holistic Living, let’s revisit yoga. Yoga is important because more and more people in the workforce and most knowledge workers, YOU and ME will have to “MANAGE ONESELF”. We will have to place ourselves where we can make the greatest contribution; we will have to learn to develop ourselves. We will [...]

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Amarendra Baahubali :- 4 Fresh Leadership Lessons.

Movies aka popular culture gives us a language to easily communicate life transforming messages. Some movies have epic impact on popular culture while breaking box-office records. These epics make us question whether we are really on a right track for accomplishing the goals. Baahubali is one of them. Baahubali has the correct composition to [...]

By |May 16th, 2017|Blog, Daksh, Gurukul, Inspirational Stories|0 Comments

Entrepreneur Life: Potholes or Mistakes to Avoid when Scaling – Part 1

What worked for your organization during the growth phase need not work for you when you are scaling. Scaling isn’t easy to do but when done right, it can bring great success to your organization and you as entrepreneur. To aid you in your journey to success, here is the first part of the CHECK [...]

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3 Most Powerful Methods of Growing Profits

Holding every little thing together to make your company grow. That is usually what an entrepreneur ends up doing. That is also why he or she may never actually grow to be a great success. We don’t mean that they will eventually shut shop. We mean that they will attain a certain level of growth [...]

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