Importance of Delegation

  Many managers, leaders and business owners face the common issue of delegation. When we look at it objectively, there are two main reasons from where this issue arises: The lack of trust (You don’t believe that they will do it well). You’d rather do it yourself. In such a situation, ask yourself this simple [...]

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Why Should We Train our Employees?

Employee training is an essential part of an organisation’s developmental process. While most entrepreneurs understand this, they don’t necessarily prioritize it. Here are three main reasons why employee training is an absolute must: Most employees have gone through an unstructured mode of learning. They don’t know how to apply what they’ve learnt to their day-to-day [...]

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How to Increase Sales in SMEs?

Turning prospects into clients and then keeping existing clients happy isn’t as easy as it sounds. Business owners face a lot of challenges while doing so. However, regular sales efforts and prompt marketing activities help in maintaining a healthy balance sheet. With the Indian economy growing by the day, there are a lot of opportunities [...]

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How to create a successful business model?

We often get asked these questions- When is the right time to create a yearly business plan? How do we create a successful business model? The answer to the former is December. The right time to create a business plan is December. January should be used to validate it and February-March to make the required [...]

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Five Strategies for Retaining High Talent

Every entrepreneur would agree that it is impossible to scale-up their business without the support of an efficient team. Never in history has a one-man-army won a battle. Scalability is possible only when you have people in your team who are as efficient as you or in some cases even better than you. While we [...]

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How To Deal With Competitors?

We are often asked this question- How is it possible to stand out in a crowd of competitors?  Well, competition is a part of any business, every company no matter how big or small has competitors. While sometimes competition brings out the best in you and forces you as an entrepreneur to showcase your very [...]

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Daksh Optimum Living Insights

Whenever the term ‘mindfulness’ is spoken about, we can’t help but imagine a yogi, sitting cross legged on a mountain top. His vibe radiates peace and is free from the world’s stress. Although, this sounds great and at heart, everyone wants the same kind of peace, truth be told none of us has the kind [...]

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Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy

Written by Brian Tracy, Eat That Frog is an anthology of ideas and methods from authoritative personalities in the personal productivity and time management industry. Covering multiple ways of overcoming procrastination, this book offers practical techniques to increase momentum. With no jargon or complex scientific studies, the book is written in simple terms and is easy to understand. And while the methods aren’t backed with research and studies, they are still highly credible since they come from the author’s personal experiences. The main focus of this book lies in actionable methods and strategies that are intended on being used by the reader right away without any procrastination. “The law of Forced Efficiency says that “There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing.” Eat That Frog comprises 21 chapters. Each chapter highlights a new method to be used for increasing productivity and battling procrastination. Below are a few notes and summary of the key concepts mentioned in this book. […]

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The Truth about Relationships

One of the key components of life is relationships. There is credible evidence that powerful relationships contribute to a healthy and joyous life. The world defines relationships with a narrow perspective where we only associate it to our immediate family and close friends. However, truthfully our life consists of a series of relationships - be [...]

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Managing Oneself.

In today’s Jeevana – Holistic Living, let’s revisit yoga. Yoga is important because more and more people in the workforce and most knowledge workers, YOU and ME will have to “MANAGE ONESELF”. We will have to place ourselves where we can make the greatest contribution; we will have to learn to develop ourselves. We will [...]

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