Building a network of entrepreneurs!

School of Inspirational Leadership is an organization driven by the need to create inspired entrepreneurs across the globe and be a catalyst in the world economy. The ultimate goal is to assist entrepreneurs in growing their business to an extent where it continues to grow and scale effectively.


This involves a combination of having a defined vision, strategy and performance oriented culture.

Differentiating Between His Business and Himself

Your business goes beyond you. It cannot be limited by your limitation and neither can it be dependent on your presence alone.

Knowing the Difference between Leadership, Management and Entrepreneurship

You need to lead to inspire performance. You need to manage to ensure results. You need to be an entrepreneur always looking out for new opportunities.

We asked our current network of entrepreneurs why they love us and they said….

It was because we helped them with….

Direction setting for business 95%
Building smart sales and finance management 90%
Making more time for themselves and their family 97%
Helped them find growth and joy as an individual 97%
Business transformation 93%

School of Inspirational Leadership is here to stand and walk along the entrepreneur in creating business and personal success stories and inspire the new entrepreneurs to take up the game of business and challenge of life!

6E Model

6E Model! The Foundation of Our Coaching Philosophy

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Entrepreneurs come from all walks of life. Then how do we coach all of them on a uniform platform while keeping the coaching relevant to their business? That is why we subscribe to the 6E Model when it comes to coaching.

The very first necessity for learning is an environment that supports it, an environment that promotes entrepreneurs to open their minds to new ideas and the opportunities that they open doors to.

To create this kind of an environment, we build clear communication lines with all the entrepreneurs giving them an exact picture of what they will learn and understanding what they would like to learn. In effect building an equation of trust and openness.

Education is the process of sharing with the participants relevant information that when combined with their open minds can change their business and life.

The question to address here is how do we decide what information is relevant for the participants. As a practice, before every session, we have all the entrepreneurs answer a set of questions to understand their current knowledge level and where they face challenges. Based on their puts, we prepare the content needed.

It takes more than information and an open mind to make a change of any kind. It demands emotional investment. That is why we aim to create an experience during the learning session that inspires the need to change their way of thinking and working.
Through role plays, case studies and other forms of experiential learning, we encourage all the entrepreneurs to investment emotionally in the learning process.
This is a phase that is most crucial to the participant. It is during this phase that the entrepreneur is encouraged take all their learnings and apply to their business and life. It is in this phase that they are required to apply themselves to growing personally and as a consequence affect growth in their businesses too.
We enable them with all the support they require in the form of well timed personal coaching sessions that provides them with a guiding hand during the entire process.
In this phase, the entrepreneur is required to analyse the result of all the experiments he has tried in his life and also business.
With a guided session, we help them list out the changes executed and the effects that it has materialised. We then help the entrepreneurs gauge the effects as positive, negative or growth oriented. Allowing them to focus on giving their growth a more focused direction.
By the end of this phase, we help the entrepreneur elevate their standards of what they are doing with their life and business. The result of this is their business is set to continue growing even without his or her presence.

Our Valuable Team Members

Virendra Rathore
Virendra RathoreDirector
Dr. Yogesh Pawar
Dr. Yogesh PawarDirector
Kepal Parikh
Kepal ParikhDirector
Prakash Keswani
Prakash KeswaniDirector
Pavan Rathore
Pavan RathoreDirector

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