Building entrepreneurs who are the pillars of tomorrow’s business culture and world economy.

Helping you create your vision and build a sustainable business

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Running a successful business to take the next quantum leap to greater success

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The program focuses on inspiring and developing your employees

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Helping you set the process, protocols and systems in your business that will ensure progressive growth and success

Program Details
Upcoming Events
  • EDP- Business Strategy at Faridabad on 11 & 12 June
  • ELA – Email & Telephone Etiquette at Coronet on 12 & 13 June
  • Open Workshop – New Age Leaders at Orchid Hotel on 14 & 15 June
  • EDP- Human Resource Management at Crowne Plaza on 14 & 15 June
  • EFP- People Management at Keys Hotel on 14 & 15 June
  • ELA – Customer Orientation at Coronet on 15 & 16 June
  • EDP- Burning Desire at Delhi on 21 June
  • ELA- Performance Management at Coronet on 23 & 24 June
  • EDP- Burning Desire at MPG on 26 & 27 June
  • ELA- Personal Effectiveness at Coronet on 28 June


Client Testimonials

After being in the business for so many years, I admit that I was unaware of certain things in this business but after my interaction with Yogesh , I started getting a clear picture. I can assure that I will take back many experiences which would enrich my business. I also appreciate the complete concept of SIL for educating me and the guidance that Yogesh extended to me.
Kishore Ghanekar, Spenics
Being an entrepreneur I realize the need of structured learning. Being the backbone of an organization one needs to know what and why we are running the business. And I understand it so well after the intense session with Yogesh. I appreciate SIL for leading me down a path that accelerated my thoughts into actions and then finally to execution.
Abhishek Tripathi , Market Intelligence and consulting Pvt. Ltd
I unlearnt and learnt many new things related to my business. I also learnt that it is important to define the organizational as well as personal vision, mission & goal and the reason behind it. I truly thank the coach Yogesh, for understanding and explaining the need of such a driving force.
Shashank Doshi, Swaraj Automation
after the session my thought process regarding my business changed. Now I understand the need of change in my life and the way I looked at my business. The sense of satisfaction which limited me to a business of 1 million changed to a bigger picture and will now force me to change my thought process as per the bigger picture.
Shahaji Phadatare, Mechtron Conveyors